Feelings of Being Bullied

Is there something wrong with me?

Why can’t I be free?

Everyone looks at me.

What do they see that I don’t?

Why am I alone?

Why am I used?

Is that what my life is to be?

No one says anything.

Am I the girl they will hate.

Will I ever be equal?

So alone.

Everyone around,

No one says anything to me.

Another day in this nightmare.

Will it end?

Or will it happen everyday?

So many questions,

But nobody answers.

Is my life this useless?

No one to trust.

No one to talk to.

They judge what’s on the outside,

A frighten girl.

But they do not see that.

Will anyone know what’s inside?

Will I be happier if I was gone?

Will everyone be happier if I was gone?

No one understands,

What is inside.

There are so many things,

I would want to be,

But will anyone let me.

I hate this.

No one speaks.

If they do,

tears come spilling,

Out of my eyes.

In my mind,

The tears are crimson red.

Don’t dare say or do.

Afraid of who will be there to watch me fail.

Don’t hate me,

For who I am.

Is there something wrong with me?

No one says a word.



nice i liked it its like an internal narrative told from the mind of a girl

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