The feeling you get when

The feeling you get when there's a perminent knife stabbed stabbed in your chest from a freaking coward who couldnt take the time to really invest..It was like my heart was yanked right out of my chest

claimed to be a man but treated the most important thing like some toy out of your six grade toy chest

My heart was no playstation no Xbox 360.. and although I took them bobby brown smack i never auditioned for whitney 

if I ever loved you too hard please forgive me, maybe it was because I wanted your dreams to happen more than you wanted it for yourself I just thought you lived within me. 

but you were never a friend of me you were a enemy a frienemy..instead of add to my life you took away from me diminished me and ended me.

Now guess who's suffereing because you couldnt take care of your responsibilitites. I lowered myself for a bastatrd who didnt even deserve a piece of gum out of a penny machine. 

I told myself that if I ever heard you refer to yourself as a man again i'd simply remove your genital organs, I'll make it so that you'll never take from a innocent girl again you induced a mental murder. 

To live and not have 20/20 vision and still be blind.. blind to the fact that you could never love me like my God.. I spent days reminiscing reminiscing on how I use to feed your candy habit,,,oh how you loved sweets!! I just wish I wouldve closed these kitchen cabinets. 

How the hell did I allow you to keep doing this to me? you took shortcuts in our love you only loved me secretly... how the hell did I get this role of being your backstreet??? 

I dont understand how a boy that claims to be a man cant even recognize when he has somethings good in his hands.....I loved you past the hurt and the pain waited patiently for the sunlight that came after the rain.....but it never showed up sorta like your love your affection and your feminine touch for someone who knew a whole lot you didnt know much

I just though I'd let you know that I prayed for you more than I prayed for myself.. Dont you know the only reason you living is because I prayed for your health???? 


I should have told you this a long time ago, but this little elementary love we have going on is at a end. The supermaket you used to go to looking for late night snaks is out of business dont you ever text or call my phone again and NO WE CANT BE FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK delete me off your friendlist. 

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