Feeling unique?

         Im not going to lie I use to use filters in my photos, whatever type of photo; selfies, nature, food, or even socks I want to put a filter on it to make it look more unique. But why do we, as humans, tend to make something already so beautiful or so precious to us, look fake or old? The day I decided to not add a filter to my "selfie" photo I became very bold.  With out the filter I could see the great detail in my face; the bags under my eyes, from the long restless nights of homeowork and stressing about the next test, I could see the crooked smile I made to look "happy",  without a filter, I could see the freckles that run from my nose down to the bottom of my eyes. My little imperfections show that even though my life can be a train wreck im still a hard worker and a strong believer in making things right with a smile.The little details about my face are the things that describe who I am, describe the life I've had.  Without the filter I can truly show who I am and be happy with it, I dont  want to hide my imperfections anymore.         


Need to talk?

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