I miss you

I never thought

I would have missed you

as much as I do.

The pain I feel all the time

It’s excruciating

And it keeps me from being happy.

I can’t sleep anymore

And I can’t smile.

It hurts every day

From the moment I get up

to the moment I go to bed.

But even then it hurts,

Because if I manage to get to sleep,

There you are again.

Only now, the dreams where you held me,

Are now bad ones where you ignore me.

I wake up every night with the pain

Clutching my chest and not letting go

No matter how much I beg it to.

It takes even my best days and dulls them.

I can’t stand it anymore.

It just hurts, so much.

I can’t even feel the happiness anymore.

Is it bad I want to come see you?

That I want you to look at me again?

That I want to hear your laugh?

That I want to see your smile again?

I just want to see you again

So I can try to be happy.

I’m so sorry.

I wish I could go back in time.

I’ve lost my best friends

And I’m really feeling the result

Of the loneliness, it left me with.


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