Fears of losing him

I honestly never imagined that I'd love you this wayNow I'm scared that your gonna one day choose too no longer stayMy heart tells me you truly love me, but my head keeps saying that's a lieAnd honestly if I was too ever loose you, I swear a part of my soul would dieI've never loved anyone the way that my heart has completely fallen  for youAnd I know that our love for each other is completely honest, pure and trueMy heart it shatters with what we say whenever we fightBut we love each other so much, so we just fake a smile and say "Baby everything will be alright" I can't loose you, because your my king and my best friendAnd I promise too always do everything within my power too make sure we never endYou've taught me so much about true love and a better lifeAnd every since I met you, everything about a future with you seems more than rightI love falling asleep, protected by the man I know will always be by my sideAnd only with you have I ever felt safe and I know I'll never again have to hideI'll love you more tomorrow than I ever could todayAnd I promise you my king, my love for you won't ever fade away.

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