Fears, by Deja Featherston


I fear for the man of untouched ice for it lacks the warmth of love, the healing tears from where it has once been broken, and the feeling of being saved by love to help mend what has been scarred. I fear that his heart will just crack at the touch of love, only tear mine as from him i pull away, only to make my heart unfixable. I fear that my battle to mend will be unending for within the second i leave him I feel the unbearable pain of the grave mistake I have made, for I knew all alongthat he would be the greatest impression, the only impression on my heart as each other's one, only, and always. And I fear without him I will live in a world where seasons lack their pleasure, miracles lack their magic, and life, love, and laughter lack in themselves, for I suffer in a life without him, worse than death.


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