The Fear of Me

Wed, 02/27/2019 - 21:06 -- PuppyAC

I look in the mirror

Seeing the sad imperfection

Seeing me

Seeing the acne on my skin

Seeing my nose that seems too big

Seeing my lips that can be bigger

Seeing my eyelashes that can be longer

Seeing my cheeks that seems too flat or too chubby

Seeing my  eyes that doesn't have a special color

Seeing my eyebrows that are considered not on “fleek”

Seeing my forehead that is so huge

Seeing that I have no cheekbones

Seeing I have nothing

Seeing I am nothing

Seeing everything I’m not

Not seeing everything I am

Not seeing the special and unique person I am

Not seeing the acne will eventually go away

Not seeing that I have a nose to breath in oxygen to live

Not seeing I have lips to speak my mind, to say all my brilliant ideas

Not seeing that I HAVE eyelashes

Not seeing my cheeks are perfect for my face

Not seeing I have eyes to seeing the beautiful forest, outstanding oceans or an extraordinary view

Not seeing that I have unique eyebrows

Not seeing that my forehead is a exactly the way it should to be

Not seeing that I have cheekbones to hold up my cheeks

Not seeing I’m someone

Someone important

Someone extraordinary

Someone that will make a difference

Someone that already got first place

Not seeing that in somebody's else's eyes I am perfect in every way

Society might see everything that I’m not but that’s not going to stop me

I’m going to be me

I’m not going to be the person they see

I will be the person they can not see

I am special and unique

Stand in front of everyone who doubted me

Make the people proud that they never doubted me

Because I am the person nobody sees  


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My community
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Our world
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