Fear of Fear

Sun, 03/17/2019 - 21:25 -- Tb718

They say the only thing to be afraid of is fear

itself, as if it’s some kind of

reassurance, a pat on the back 

a little too hard, slamming all of the air out 

of a pair of lungs too desperate for 

peace. Peace

of mind, peace

of heart, peace

and hope that the right path is being taken. 

I am afraid of the what-ifs, the constant

rumbling of thoughts like waves in the middle of an 

ocean during a hurricane, always 

bobbing, never 

stopping, throwing all aboard to the edges of the craft. 

I’m afraid that it’ll eventually throw everyone over. I wish that it will

become a gentle bobbing motion, soothing, pulling those aboard

to sleep. I need to realize that I  

am the wind and I 

am the storm; I 

set my sails and I 

control the direction. I 

am working on overcoming my fear of fear

and turning the tumultuous rumblings from the deep 

that is my mind into the gentle rocking of what I aspire my mind to be. 

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