Sun, 04/20/2014 - 18:34 -- Ian X


What is fear?

Is it seeing me walk by your car?

Because you lock the doors,

To prevent me, a sophomore in high school,

From harming you.

Is it seeing me walk past you on the street?

Because you clutch your belongings

As if my skin and clothes

Make me a predator.

Or perhaps fear is simply seeing me

Walk into your local convenience store?

Because you’re on high alert

And just waiting for me to steal something.

Then let me help you ease those fears.

How about I change my everyday pants to slacks

And my favorite hoodie to a nice button-down

And my natural curls to straight threads

And my Nikes to dress shoes

And make my lips a little thinner

And make my skin many shades lighter.

Because only then society will accept me.

Because only then society won’t fear me.

Because only then I can please society.

If only that was me.


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