Show me someone who can challenge my words

Answers the call, responds to my hurt

Negative or positive it's all the same

Someone to tell me to act my age

18, but I think like I'm 28

Tell her that I love her, cause I wouldn't wait

But wait...

Don't think just write it down

Write me a letter..

Write me a letter.

Fill it with your deepest thoughts,

Tell me how you really feel,

Tell me if you think your lost

Tell me if you think it's real

Do you think I'm real?

I'm nothing special

Just a guy that likes to write rhymes at times when I'm feeling lost.

I'm nothing special, but

I can kiss you like I miss you

Hold you like I told you I would

Love you like you're my first love.

Show me who you are, speak up

Speak up, don't be afraid...


Be afraid,

I'm afraid

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