Skyscrapers looming at a godly height
Concrete approaching at the speed of light
A blind sense of panic, the wind rushing by
This I fear deep down inside.

White walls, bright lights, and echoing sobs
In a hazy fog, people move in mobs
Sponge baths, needles, an unflattering gown
This I fear within me, all around.

A distorted sun shining brightly above
Blankets of water, wrapped like a glove
A moment of peace, a fatal breath
This I fear to a consuming depth.

Blinding darkness, encompassing all
A foreign step, heard down the hall
Imagined whispers, nightmares awake
This I fear ‘til I tremble and quake.

A crushing blow that breaks the heart
A feeling of loss that sets this apart
Left with the memories, feeling no more
This I fear to my very core.

These I fear every hour, every day

These, I fear, will never go away
But I’ve never feared more, the way that I do
When I think of these things happening to you.


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