Indead the fault is in the stars,

that love can last even when death is at hand.

It shows that love can reach its fars,

That cancer can be a never ending sand.

Our stars are faulted because love may be taken,

So lasting it was not given.

It may be that our fault is at shaken,

Life may not be worth livin',

Because everyday waking up was a sin.

To ask and wonder where?

To have known where they have gone or been.

A love so deep that can never share.

Every moment seems to want to last,

But, in a blink.

It is gone so fast,

Loosing love is loosing living.

An inspiration has yet to aspire,

To know another life is worth giving.

And strength has yet to aquire,

Love cannot be written in words.

It is written by the heart,

But, love is also written in the stars farther than the birds.

And to the beyond for a new start.

Of love to future and love to pass.

So, yet indead the fault is in our stars.








Guide that inspired this poem: 


Rhiannon G.

I wrote this because a book truly inspired me, and my generation has to come from the meaning of what we are handed "love". Believing in hope when there is none, gives you courage and strength to

fight for love. And to fight because you are not going to be another subtracted off the population. You are going to be remembered by me who may not know you, but to me you are braver than any superhero in the comics for fighting for life.



Its very depthfull n heart touching Great job!!!!!


This is a lovely poem! I like how you take the phrase "the fault in our stars" and write about how it has multiple meanings, and does not necessarily mean something negative. My favorite line is "Love cannot be written in words / It is written by the heart" because by writing this poem you begin to express in words what the heart cannot. Your comment about superheroes is so true too- the real heroes are the everyday people who struggle to conquer their own vulnerabilities, whether they are physical or emotional. Have you ever written a ballad poem? Check out how and more in the Resources section!

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