Fathers, Teach them well

1.       Lose your hatred

2.       Lose your fear

3.       Fear of the other

4.       Fear of their ways

5.       Ways to win

6.       Ways to ruin

7.       Ruin our chances

8.       Ruin our lives

9.       Lives then lost

10.   Lives then forgotten

11.   Forgotten freedoms

12.   Forgotten fights

13.   Fights to forget

14.   Fights to get by

15.   By any means necessary

16.   By the grace of God

17.   God bless America

18.   God bless all

19.   All is relative

20.   All is small

21.   Small ideas

22.   Small minds

23.   Minds can be divided

24.   Minds can be divine

25.   Divine implies perfect

26.   Divine implies truth

27.   Truth can be inconvenient

28.   Truth cannot be avoided

29.   Avoided constitutions

30.   Avoided relationships

31.   Relationships can close minds

32.   Relationships can open hearts

33.   Hearts pump

34.   Hearts beat

35.   Beat down people

36.   Beat up streets

37.   Streets gather men

38.   Streets harbor crime

39.   Crime destroys communities

40.   Crime does not pay

41.   Pay attention

42.   Pay respect

43.   Respect mothers

44.   Respect fathers

45.   Fathers need homes

46.   Fathers need children

47.   Children learn well

48.   Children must be taught

49.   Taught

50.   well


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