A Father's Final Words

My sight is now fading
these last words I write
To you my descendant
Your birth will bring light

For you are the crown that 
completes my quest
Our name is not noble 
but now I can rest

I'll witness your progress,
Will see when you cry
Will be in those clouds
That is passing you by

I wish I could be there to 
Teach you to sing
I wish I could be there 
For everything

Your strength and your 
wisdom will carry you far
You do what you want
You'll still be my star

Take care of your mother 
When sickness falls in,
Take care of your children 
When their lives begin

When your life is ending and 
Shutting its wheel
I'll be there in person 
To see you for real

This poem is about: 
Our world



I lost my father a few years back so this really touches me.

Great poem, I really enjoyed reading it.

Thank you for sharing

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