The Fatherless & Motherless Child

  No one here could heal this hurt because this hurt burns deep like the earth's core, boiling up inside of me. The rage in my veins is a deadly venom that was caused by your lies and deceit. You were suppose to be here to protect me, lead me, and tell that I was a rose in the concrete. You didn't want to claim so you ran faster than a bride with cold feet.


How could you just walk out, leave, and abandon your seed? You see, I was ready for your guidance because my love was wireless but yours kept getting disconnected like bad services. Life didn't provide an ethernet cord for you so we lost connection. I kept braking down like an old hoopty on the side of the road because I couldn't handle this rejection. I wasn't looking for cars, clothes, or toys, I just desired the love of my father and your protection.


Because of your lack of love for me I've become smitten with someone that I've made my priority although I wasn't even his option. So why did I stay? I stayed because somewhere in the deep crevices of my mind I have fooled myself into thinking that by having him by my side defins who I am. Too bad I didn't have you here to tell me that I had a heart of goal, a beautiful soul molded in the mighty hands of the great I AM.


Your Love was just a scam!


On the outside looking in I was dying internally but externally learning how to accept your choice. I would search the depths of this earth and the galaxy entirely just to hear the sound of your voice. Was there a bond between us when you first looked into my eyes or did you see an obstacle in the way that would soon lead to your demise? I wasn't looking for soul ties or anything I just desired the love of my mother.


They say home is where the heart is, well I guess I was homeless because you were heartless. In hindsight I had a clear vision but looking through my periphal I knew there was something missing. I was so focused on hating and hurting you that I let others do the same, parental guidance was given but I just wouldn't listen.


No effort was made to retrieve no phone calls or text messages did I receive. There were so many times that I would get on a bended knee and plead for you to be there for me. And the funny thing is I heard you loved music, I guess you could say that your gift was given to me but unfortunately the world would never hear our symphony.


Unfortunately the world would never hear our symphony.

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