A Fatherless Girl

Tue, 06/25/2013 - 23:50 -- maica21


Everything was perfect,

Family, Fun and time with one another

within years it went burning down like the flames in California,

Changes that occurred

The hurt that appeared,

the loneliness I succomb,

Life was great, but has changed,

I am a fatherless girl.

My hopes, my dreams, my in betweens,

all was altered by a father who once seemed,

He cared, he loved, protected and hugged,

Now to see someone who've abandoned you,

disregarded you,

left you to fend for yourself.

A selfish adult and an angry child,

A girl thats fatherless, a  fatherless child.

The hurt remains,

my strength sustained,

the drive to succeed,

my hunger, my needs.

I am a fatherless girl,

I say it with pride,

I take on the world,

I no longer linger on the thoughts of being a fatherless girl.



Wow amazing poem please read my poem in my home I can empathize for you I love frleedback

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