I took your love for granted

And I apologize

I wonder what my life would be like

If you was still alive

You was a great man

And taught me great wisdom

I miss you

I need this pain out of my system

But it hurts so much

I wonder if it will ever leave

It's like having my heart cut open

And watching it bleed

We wasn't blood

But you did not care

Because whenever I needed you

You was always there

And I know you still are

Even though it's not physically

I know you are still here


I dis-obeyed you many times

And made you worry

I never wanted to hurt you

I truely am sorry

I still can't believe

That God took you away

Even though it was long ago

I remember it like it was yesterday

The phone rang

Death made a call

It told me the news

And all I could do was fall

But now I must accept it

Because God only takes the best

You're mission on earth was complete

So you may lay and rest

I was not your child

But you claimed me as your daughter

And please remember that in my heart

You will always be my Father


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