“Pretty.” She whispers and I snatch the necklace away.

“Mine.” I reply, not knowing what else to say.

“Please,” she cries, breaking every inch of my heart.

“No.” I snap, tired from before the start

of lovely morning and all its tricks

and baby Jenny, in which everything her hands like to stick.

“Mommy.” She wines ever so loud.

She’s taken over my life and I don’t know how

this all started, since I’m not much more than a kid,

but I have to take responsibility for what I did.

It wasn’t just him

It’s what we both did 

Now we are three

And no longer free.

but...Yes, baby Jenny is wonderful.

And yes, she makes life colorful.

But I wish I had waited

because it might not have been fated.

“Pretty.” She whispers once again.

And of course, like always, I give in.


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