Fast Food Chronicles: Life of a minimum wage slave

Wed, 07/16/2014 - 21:16 -- MAM


I applied, but didn’t see it comin’

Getting paid, but had to keep on runnin’

Workers late, but none of it mattered

‘Cause nothing could fix this Fast Food disaster


I check in, everything’s pretty crazy

But eveyone's complainin’ that the the newbies are lazy

I leave the shift with ice cream blood on my arms

The workplace is like animals loose on a farm


5 AM, restockin’ cups and whip cream

No rest when things need to get “clean”

The money earned will be a basis

Before my manager knows it, I'll be going places


The orders come in, who’s doing car hoppin’?

Is that cream pie? No, that’s cheesecake without toppin’

Workers impress by being fly skaters

Too bad guys had to wait 20 minute for their tators


Food on the floor but who wants to clean it, though?

Trash is overfilled but who would we be cleanin’ for?

Money made but min. wage slaves don’t get pay

We say our shift ended but he wants us to stay

You get out at 7? Nah, you’ll stay until 11



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