Fast Food

My love keeps on cultivating
My heart keeps on Pulpatating
This feeling it's an affliction
How contradicting
I call it love but you call it
an addiction
Send Me a woman that won't leave me Empty, and will make other women Envy
My grandmother was the first to tempt me, with this girl . . her name was Wendy
And Wendy she makes me plentiful I love her cause she is so friendly
too friendly she is friendly to too many
too deadly she made me beef with too many
Her ex man was her best friend
official since V-day; his Initials are BK
I thought of Murdering; This cat they called the Burger King
he's a hot-header whopper you might've heard of him
The nerve of him don't he know he's Second In Command
He doesn't stand a chance
to my girl's biggest fan, she loves that negro man
On the block he's a big mac; most y'all can dig that
In fact you might see that greasy negro on the corner
He's there 24/7 like a 7/11 treatin' her to dollar meals
Hows it feel, to not know your own worth
Brrr Brrr Brrr
Hold on lemme answer my phone first
Maybe Not, maybe I should bury my own dirt
Good thing she ain't do her homework
Otherwise, she'd hire an army to harm me
carve me for sleepin' with her sister Arby
But Arby
she wants to be all mine, but she's just a small fry
She don't got no buns, and fellas that's no fun
but, I proceed to Pass on thru to her white castle
She wants me and keeps sayin' she's been kinda patient
I just know it's going to lead to this conversation
Where She
procedes beg you're gonna want me one day
hurry up and accept it
Keep your legs closed like chic Fil A on Sundays
Maybe then I'd Respect it
Constantly, rejected but yo!!! Lemme tell you bout the next chick
What were you expecting
IHOP all on her like breakfast
She made me feel like a Manly Man
I called her Auntie Ann
Flexibility was super
had a couple whopper juniors
Which brings me back to that BK Loser
My girl is like fast food gives it up anyone that drives thru
We ended our relationship over hate; now my heart feels over weight
It's clogged like my Arteries how could I let you depart from me
My Ecstacy like ice in a cup I'm waitin' for your messures
You were the spice to my herbs like the chicken at Popeyes
Lettuce beef I'll put some bread on his head for raising my blood pressure
You KFC'd me left me for a chick & that's Not Fly
Should I leave you in the past too; or should I keep eating fast food
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