Fast Fifty



“The Fast Fifty”, the schools “greatest solution” to drug use and sale.

Yes, this is for a good cause.

However, the solution is a bad one.

Sure, let’s make these kids, maturing in the same environment,

plot against each other to earn a few bucks.

I’ll tell you, if I was a kid who did drugs,

and an acquaintance who didn’t know my story

tried to tell my story to make money,

I would destroy him.

Now, don’t get me wrong,

I am not an advocate for drug use,

But if I lived in a broke house with a broken family,

And I had to support them,

I would do ANYTHING.

Just the idea of the fast fifty at our school,

Will cause riots, protests, and even more bad behavior.

There will be a huge trust barrier between the students,

Practically living in the same house.

Here is my solution.



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