I remember you well, my Childhood friend.

We played, danced, and sung together.

We were hardly ever apart.

I knew everything about you, 

You knew everything about me.

We called each other BFFLADs (Best Friends For Life, even After Death)

I thought you'd stay forever.

However, one day, you changed.

Your life was changing faster than you could keep up.

Things were happening, that you didn't understand.

You suddenly saw me as less, 

and suddenly saw the "it" crowd as more.

You were growing up faster than I could keep up.

You hurt me every chance you got,

Sometimes without realizing it.

You saw a chance for what you thought as fitting in, and took it.

Yet you acted as if nothing happened.

You acted like everything between us was fine,

when in reality, everything between us was dead.

I cut you loose, so you could do what you wanted,

I thought you'd be happy,

but you were mad,

you were shocked,

like it blind sighted you.

It hurt me more than you'll ever know.

I tried to be strong,

Tried to move on,

But it was harder than it seemed.

I soon realized, 

You were a lesson for me,

A lesson that 

I only learned now, as an adult

Not everyone is your friend,

Some people pretend to be your friend, like you did.

I have healed my pains, 

Made true, real friends

without ulterior motives

So this, is my final message to you.

I have let you go,

You don't have a hold on me anymore.

I have grown through the pain and become the woman I am today.



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