Far Away Love

Thu, 11/17/2016 - 18:10 -- jxxh

I used to think I knew what love was,

and then a boy with honey brown eyes, and no tattoos walked into my life,

Halfway across the world he stay,

6,966 miles away,


When I awake from my dreams he has already spent his day,

running with sand sliding into his boots,

and a pack resting on his muscular back,

creating dark stains upon his cotton grey shirt,


When he finally closes his eyes for the night I am receiving an education,

calculating how many seconds till he comes back home instead of the answer to a calculus equation,

I am riding around in old pickup trucks,

and he is helping wounded men, 


I used to think I knew what love was,

until instead of  bright green eyes I got honey brown,

instead of freckled skin I got acne scarred beauty,

soft hands, no, his are rough with labor,


Forever I dreamt of someone else,

but he crawled his way into my heart,

I still don't have the answers I was looking for,

But I couldn't have asked for anymore,


6,966 miles away,

across the globe he stay,

for now at least I must sleep,

for this love of ours makes me weak. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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