I need them. They cared for me, so I should do the same in return.

They've raised me to become this human being that I am today.

I am greatful for whom I've become, and I look forward to becoming a better person.

If I lose my family, I will have friends, but I will never feel the same.

Family will take time rebuild. For that's how all families are made;

Two random strangers meeting up with eachother to combine their families.

It's a wonderful process, but it will never replace what family I had.


Yes, they have been direct causes of me being traumatized by somethings

But all of that shaped me into the person I am today.

Many whips with the belt, slaps in the face, and kicks in the stomach.

Alchoholic Yelling, name calling, and truly believing that I was stupid.

What that is, is really character building. It built me to become a good person.

I've been told that I'm selfless, a leader, looking out for others.

I try to do all those things. because I want to be a leader.


My family no longer does that

They are now a fully supportive household. And I've seen people with similar background acheive great things

Which means I have a chance at it too!

I never lost determination, I will never give up.

No matter what, Family is always going to be with me.

From womb to the grave, They will be there for me.

And that's all I really need in life, My family.

This poem is about: 
My family


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