Family is #1

First rule of economics:

We have infinite wants

with finite resources,

whether it's




whatever you WANT.


Like (almost) everyone, I want alot of things

education, time, sleep, that new video game, another smartphone,

scholarships, a job, a bigger laptop, new shoes,

the list goes on.

I think I'm running out of pens

might as well want more of those.


I don't have

some fancy, special objects that give me hope.

I don't have

a philosophy that I will absolutlely die to protect.

In fact, all I need to live, all I WANT is

my family.

Can I live without them?

No, physically

and no, mentally.

Physically: they gave me life, so without them, I can't exist in the first place.

Mentally: if they were all gone, I'm but an empty shell of a human.

They laugh,

They yell,

They cry,

They tease,

They fight,

either with me or at me.


They mold me to the person I am now.

They scold me to change the person I might become.

They teach me to be me.

And no GPA can get you that

no SAT scores can get you that

no degrees can get you that

no "lucky hat" can get you that.

I love everyone in my family:



little sis






I love you all;

except for you, sis,

you little shit

always using me as a scapegoat for all of your troubles

mom and dad believe you over me, too.



This poem is about: 
My family


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