The Familiar Voice

She’s always been there lurking
In the darkest corners of my mind
I never thought of searching
For the voice that mimicked mine

But as the years went on
She only got louder and stronger
While I felt quieter and weaker
I knew something was wrong

Her words cut like knives
She laughed at my cries
Told me I’d always be the one that everyone despised
I was left with no choice but to believe all her lies

It was all I knew.

After a while I was comfortable
With life passing me by
My friends grew their wings
I decided I didn’t want to fly

But one day I looked in the mirror
She stared back at me
Her face moved when mine did
And suddenly her eyes widened

A smile broke across her face
Just as one crossed mine
The voice that was my enemy
Really had been mine!
For years I’d been crippled by fear
That was what she was to me
Whispering in my ear
Telling me what I’ll never be

But now I see the light
My future seems so bright
I will no longer hold myself back
From claiming what is rightfully mine!

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