Federal secretariat jos Plateau State Nigeria
Angwan Hausawa Tudun Wada Jos,Plateau State Nigeria I'm an upcoming writer hail from Jos, Plateau State Plateau State Nigeria. I'm a 500 level student nurse from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria Nigeria. I love reading, writing, watching movies or listening to great music.

Learning on how to live with
All the trouble you've cause me
Been totally missing out on
What I've once called a good life
Before your bad killer instincts
Gave me one i didn't sought for
Is this the life you promised me
How do I stop the nauseating flights
The hosting of clubs and gigs
And their pressing demands of
My life draining performances
I wasn't ready to be famous
Wasn't ready to give those crowds
Their jaw dropping moments
I thought I could be happy
With the fire that engulfed me
To pursue those dreams and enjoy
An overriding success with it
How it never occur to me
I could be digging my own grave
God I don't know
what I was even thinking
Chasing gossips and paparazzi
In the spotlights of fame
Till the truth of it finally hits me
When I can't run away and hide
Money fail to buy the tickets
To my freedom pass
What more secrets do I have
Thats not cover by the media
What other private affairs I own
Not handle by the magazines
Its my life view for the world to see
Which part of me is not taking by
Never ending shows interviews and playact
Wish I can get everything back
By trying stop them from
Sending me to an early grave
But how do I start
How do I handle the fame
©Nature Boy

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