Alone in the cold, a feeling thats never old/

my hearts starting to mold, feelings outta control/

Tears dripping down the side of my cheek/

No one to lift me up when I feel so weak/

Stare into the country side, forget the memories/

All the women cruel to me, please let me forget these/

Too many bad times, I wish for a rewind/

so I could change my choice and save mankind/

But no way or no how, I’m stuck in this era/

gotta be strong, live it up, and fight the terror/

Heartbreaks left and right, so I remain single/

But its a tough life when “I love you babe” is the jingle/

Survive the temptation, we’ll find the right one/

But my heart is quitting, my mind says, “I’m done”/

I try to withstand but my feet starting to slip/

Falling into despair, without a true love’s kiss/


Walking through these fields, my life’s endless path/

If i get to the end, what will be my aftermath/

Will I find the soul mate, or my determined fate/

my future is blank, that means I must create/

It will a be a roller coaster, but I’m a daredevil/

I gotta go for it all, little things don’t settle/

I’ve lived with losses, but I thought like a winner/

I’ve become an advisor with the cover of a sinner/

Find my counterpart, our prosperity will embark/

we’ll follow the stars, our destination isn’t marked/

Kiss her in the moonlight, her reflection in the ocean/

we’ll keep moving forward, thats our only motion/

Make her smile each day, thats my only desire/

make her day shine brighter than olympus fires/

But for now, the single status is how I’ll remain/

I may be lonely now, but it’ll prevent love pains/


Love does not come on a silver platter/

The long path is what we’ll have to follow/

Heartbreaks will soon start to gather/

But our conclusion will not end in sorrow/


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