The Fallen One

You were noble,
Great, strong, brave,
Wonderful, Intelligent, mighty,
Kind, thoughtful, compassionate,
Loved, admired, honored,

Oh the list can go on forever!

But something tragic happened;
You changed.

How could you?
How could you?

Fate excitedly held your blessings here in store,
So ready to give to you!
All was yours,
If only you'd take it.
A spouse, children, secrets to the universe,
Treasures more worth more than one thousand tons of gold,
Control over worlds on end!
You learned ways of royalty,
Had sufferings to prove yourself,
Keep going! Gifts from Heaven will shower over you!
But alas,
Apparently, it was not to be.
For you must choose,
And choose the right, you did not.
How could you? How could you?
Instead of wisdom, you chose ignorance.
Instead of love, you chose hate.
Instead of happiness, you chose sadness.
Above the clouds, above the moon, sun, and stars,
The angels of heaven weep afar.
Fate holds your presents that were never to be unwrapped,
Your family sheds tears that make streams, then rivers, then oceans, and ask,

How could you? How could you?

Your mentors rest their heads on their hands,
Wondering what they did wrong.
All those hours, days, weeks, years of training,
Wasted, tossed, thrust,


They search for answer, asking
How could you? How could you?

Your friends thought they knew you,
Their faces were one full of laughter,
Secret jokes shared between yourselves,
Trust was the bond that kept you together,
Are you a stranger to them now?

Your face that once lit up the room, now frowns at all that come near.

Your hands, which at
one time brought peace and comfort to all,

Only wrought complete destruction.
Your feet, once floated on the cloud of majesty,
Now are dragging on the floor of misery.

No one knows who you are,
And what you represent


They only wonder,

How could you? How could you?
How could you? How could you?
How could you? How could you?


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