Mon, 05/04/2020 - 08:56 -- Kbliss

We both know were running out of time

So is it wrong to trust all these lies

Is it wrong to give up all my love for you

Falling like an angel from the sky

You made me special

You looked up to me like I was the star

But it was us

Couldn’t you give me a try

Because these demons they will deceive us

And baby, it will burn

But we are angels

Children who just want to love someone, 

To be loved

If you could carry the world on your shoulders

Would you give it up to be here with me

If your heart was clay

Could I sculpt you into mine

Would you fight for me

If you were dying

Would you search for me

Would you keep me

Will you give me a try

Ignite a flame

I’m an angel falling from the sky

You don’t deserve this

But I’ve fallen into you

Far away from grace


We are no fools

To the lust, to the passion

Let us break our heart just to be near 

Another soul for just one more night

One more night on this earth

With the one I love

Oh I’m falling

No, I don't wanna look into anybody else's

Eyes and see you

I don't wanna give somebody else the better

part of you

But heaven is just too far away

And I’ve fallen 

Into your arms

But you don't want me anymore

Don't you know I’m a fallen angel

don't want the sun to set on us

I don't want another moon to rise

I don't want to waste another moment

But you’re gone faded into the wind

And there's nothing to say

To make you stay

So goodbye, goodbye.


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