Fall Never Bothered Me An-Ahchew!

Sentenced to prison for life,
-or how you call it school.
Trapped in a box with germy kids,
The weather isn't helping as it gets cool.
The orb shining from the heavens is just a laugh,
A peeking shimmer between the climate's wrath.
Vivid colors are but a false impression,
For winter is coming so prepare for depression.
The season is full of rotten apples' smell
And over-priced food with everything pumpkin and carmel. 
Bikes are taken out for one last cruise,
Dodging over-sized squirrels with weight they really should lose.
While venturing outdoors may cause the flu,
Staying inside isn't all that right for you.
Leaves of rain trickle from the sky,
Certain flowers bloom while others die.
Don't let Fall become it's definition,
But get a better view and stop this repetition! 
Life is to enjoy 365 days all around,
Not to pick and choose, pretending like you'll never end up in the ground.
Don't let the seasons define you, because you have nothing to loose,
Besides the time that you're wasting being alone
And all that time you spend on your phone. 
Be with your friends face to face,
Instead of blaming 'bad weather' as just a brace. 


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