That Fall


The wind on her face


The slight retrace; of what once was.


The warmth of his cheek


The breeze of the air; forever there


A whole life time passes in a minute


Yet it never seems long enough


The darkness forever inclosing


The light returning at dawn


Knowing what can not be forgiven


She runs faster than before


Not letting her breath catch her


She soon gracefully falls


He sprints to go and save her


The tragedy in it all; the silence of the moment


The season that is fall


With one last glance


They know the truth of it all


They were in love; but could no longer stall


She fell asleep in his arms


He tried to wake her; tried it all


She could not be woken; nor the trees of the fall


She slowly died beside him; and so did his heart -that fall

This poem is about: 
My family


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