Sun, 11/16/2014 - 00:45 -- Ines_.

How strangely the world works

You have everything you've wanted

Yet you still feel alone

In a room of your closest friends

Why is that so?


How desire touches each soul

And everyone is chasing themselves

As the flowers bloom and leaves fall

But we're too busy to notice at all

That as time passes us by

We cloak on our disguise

And smile and realize:


We are all alone in the world

And age seems to scare us

Because we can't seem to turn back

To the times where we chased each other

And saw the leaves fall, 

And the flowers bloom,

And paid attention to each other's walls


To the time where we had nothing but each other,

In that room, 

And we felt absolutely radiant;


And Loved. 


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