Fake mask of ignorance


I'm a very secretive person, I lurk in the shadows. I come and go like some godfather. I hide behind my mask, built off of past experiences. No one needs to see these emotions that I'm carrying behind my eyes and soul, look deep down my heart and what'll you'll find is so cold. That a young girl who used to be innocent, who was only choking on her ignorance is now trembling at the world's destruction. Wondering why an apocalypse isn't happening because the world is in shambles. Bringing tears to her eyes, creating a sea that she'd drown in. Her heart is shattered into rugged pieces but she tries to keep it a secret. Disguises her tear drops as diamonds then gifts it. You may be wondering why she does this. Why she hides behind a curtain and doesn't express this. Her illegal opinions and thoughts could get her shot. Conspiracies surround her thoughts. She ponders about these mindless, controlling societies turning innocent civilians like her and you into mindless zombies. She wishes to pull back the curtain and show everyone who she really is. A revolutionist with revolutionary ideas wishing to change the world. She's placing a silent prophecy on everyone's shoulders, that the world will crash until we all come together. And stop letting greed control our eyes and not let hatred into our minds. But she keeps all these thoughts a secret, self destructing quietly. She can't say anything or she'll get shot. Because in the government we live in, ideas of revolution aren't accepted. You have to keep quiet or you'll be assasinated. That "her/she" is me speaking in third person. I hide behind this mask of ignorance not revealing my intelligence or revolutionary thoughts to any person. Because if I showed my true self, people would get suspicious. There's other people like me but we stay muted. Hiding behind the curtain while imbeciles with one sided opinions dance on the stage, letting the light only radiate on them. Us inaudible people will keep hiding behind the curtain till we grow in numbers, then we can reveal to the world what's really happening. Until then this thought will only be romanticized in our thoughts, as we put on a fake mask of ignorance and continue to dance with the devil like everyone else.

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