The definition of faith is seeing without believing

You trust and you pray hoping that he isn’t being misleading

You can’t see with your eyes, but your heart opens up wide praying that

He will let the pain quickly pass by

At times your mind ponders and you ask him why

If he is so great why would he put pain in your life?

He says that to him all your problems can reside

You open your puffy glossy eyes after you’ve cried

Lonely in the middle of the night and he’s not by your side

Because he isn’t there to hug, you wonder if you’re someone he really loves

Does he even exist?

Or is it all just myths?

You see his words but not his face

You hear them praise, glorify and magnify his name

But evidence of him you see not one trace

The thoughts in your mind start to race

If he loves me like he says my loved ones wouldn’t be dead

If he was real, he wouldn’t let me shed one tear

I would be happy all the time, I would never cry

To my self esteem issues I’d say good bye

I’d look in the mirror and see a beautiful butterfly

Back to reality you examine your life

If he was real, he’d make me feel alive and I wouldn’t need attention from older guys

If he loves me, I wouldn’t be putting myself out there to be appreciated for your breast booty and thighs

I wouldn’t open up my legs at the blink of an eye to feel what I think is love, and then be pushed away to the side

Where is he after the lies?

Where is he after I get out of the back of a grown man’s ride with tears running down your eyes?

Why would he let me be taken advantage of knowing that this stranger wasn’t in it for love?

You’ve had enough you’re tired of giving it up

You look to him above but see no one

You start to cut

You start to drink

Hoping that this will distract you from your past pain and misery

Where is he to stop you from doing these harmful things?

The answers to your questions you may never know

Until the day you die you may keep guessing and stressing

But one thing’s for sure you still have your life and that’s a blessing

That you is me and my faith is something that really gets me to think



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