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never undermine oneself to make a change
always have the ability to trust yourself and know that things will get better
to have that power to strive to be the absolute best
as long as you don't quit, you will never lose
follow the commands of faith, believe me that you will be bless with glory
that will be a moment of triumph. to celebrate and overcome one's struggle
you should never have faith only in moments of good and in crisis
faith comes within in which you reflect on all that occurs in your life daily
what sheds in the dark will come to light
there is no point is distorting lies. always be truthful to yourself
when you love yourself, you have god
it will feel as if you are infatuated with a villain like Sweetney Todd
believe in faith, it cleanses and clears your mind, body, and soul
feels a lot better than going through a bridge that requires paying a toll
don't have any doubts in your mind
in the end, good things will happen for being so faithfully kind

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