Fairytale: Happy Ending Wanted

Fri, 04/07/2017 - 20:52 -- jrango

A  w  a  v  e   to a stranger

despite their shore

may capture a smile

through times of war.








with months and months going back and forth.

All for me.

All for you.



They fight

for you


for me

to attend college,

to read books,

to change the world,

and to join them in the fight against evil.



These are the everyday heroes:



police officers.

Maybe even you?



Without the heroes,

there would be no me.

Without me,

there would be one less princess to enlighten the world.

One less to salute every veteran,

to adopt every dog,

to watch the clouds,


to hug the tallest trees.

A world which I hope you would not want to call home,


veterans deserve respect,

dogs deserve love,

trees deserve life,

girls deserve hope,


America deserves a happy ending.



I cannot live in a world full of fear-

Fear of bombs landing on my mother’s head for

she does not deserve to die from cancer

nor bombs.

A world where princes do not exist,

because all the princes were poisoned by

selfish and bitter apples.

A world where people do not w a v e to each other, because of their

race, religion, and ancestory.

A world that should not exist,


sometimes the evil queen wins.



So, America.

Keep fighting and protecting.

We need more princesses in boots


more heroes.



But one day you’ll learn that a thank you is not enough

A w a v e is not enough.

A law is not enough.

Change it.

You control the ending.



The race has only



when will you                                cr



                                                                     that finish line of freedom?


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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