Once upon a time…

We had a fairytale princess

I say “had” because

this fairytale has a twist.

See Instead of diamonds and gold, this princess had a constellation of cuts and scars up her wrists…

She was hurting inside, in her private castle she would hide..

Crying out with an endless pain in her eyes…

she had decided her happily ever after… her awaking kiss….would be the immersion of a blade deep into her wrists…


she had planned it all out as she walked through the halls on her very last day…

she turned the corner with a sigh and nothing to say…

she silently said goodbye to all the peasants that passed…none of them knowing that the day they ignored her would be her last…


she gathered her courage to walk out the gates, to ride far away so she could meet her decided fate.

But before she set foot on the path to her death…someone grabbed her shoulder as she turned she drew a sharp breath…


She turned to see an angel…a glowing savior…her prince.

The boy who cared…and the boy that’s kept her alive ever since.


He hadn’t a clue the battle she was fighting…

He had no clue he was the reason her grip on life was tightening….


He made her want to live…what hope had he to give?

He was a stranger, from a distant land… bound to care nothing about her…but still he offered her his hand.


Just like that he whisked away her heart…

They were meant to be right from the start.

For her he slayed the dragons of her mind

He was bound to be her one of a kind…

They were identical, everything from body soul to mind.


One day the princess awoke

And through the dark her brave prince spoke..

“beautiful, I love you…just thought you should know.”

A tear rolled down her cheek…it seemed like forever she had  awaited him to speak

“I love you too darling”

and they had figured this out within the span of a week.


The weeks turned to months and month to years..

Now all her scars have healed…and on one knee…her pretty prince kneeled.


And they wrote their own happy ever after.


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