you were fond of me. 

the doors you opened the blankets you gave

you found a part of me that i no longer knew existed

my broken heart had once been healed again

with the love you gave the smiles that fade

it hit me like a train

that i had not seen coming

you made me so happy, as if the pain was all numbing

but you run back to her, and it all became a blur

the hurt regained , and there the pain became

you turned so shallow

acting as a dark shadow 

popping in as he pleased

but i ran back always,

like a phone that needed to be retrieved

playing cat and mouse

breaking my heart all over

as if i couldn’t feel the pain coming closer and closer

you say we can be friends, but i don’t see that happening

like your love didn’t feel so abandoning

i had learned to love you

but i felt so blue

my love for you never died, no matter the times i’ve cried

i could feel it every time, even if you lied

i think i’m stuck on the memories

maybe even the luxuries

of what we had to ignore

a different person than before

i still love you to my core

but here i lay, wishing you would stay

just watching our love, fade away.

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