Fact or rumor

I heard that all the animals are going back to Africa. That my family is going back to the south we're going back to Georgia and that white people are now getting looked down on for saying the N word. I heard that our black men are taking back their throne, God is coming back and your worst enemy is trying to make a mends everyone is on their best behavior and the churches are full..I heard that we're no longer speaking English but only our language from the roots to learn our history bring out our tribes our flags we're showing them off again yelling pro Africa I heard we're going back to our religion. Because we didn't come here as Christians we had our own religion. I heard that the KKK is facing God now and are pissed that their God is the same color as the young men they we're hanging and the young women they we're rapping. Forget the American style because We are all wearing our african fabric now and yes we're going the way we we're kidnapped ships to the mother land without all the politics and gonverments telling us how to be you see I know you seemed confused on what I'm staying because maybe you just haven't heard it yet.

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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