Facing Your Fears When it comes to Bullying

Wed, 04/17/2013 - 11:57 -- Trish00


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The dark sky is filled with strange dark clouds
Every night it’s hard for me to sleep
Dreaming of being attacked
Makes me not want to eat
I can hear the bully calling my name
I put the white soft pillows over my head
Hoping the sound of his scratchy voice will stop

There it goes again
Ringing like an alarm clock
I am very frightened and alone in this place
The room is pitch black where I can’t see anything
I can feel the bully beating me down
While I’m punching back with my fist balled up
I opened my eyes and everything stops
The strange noises went away
But I am still terrified

Was this reality or just a dream?
Who knows?
I can taste the sweetness of honey
When my mom used to make me tea
Everything looks blue as I got up from my soft bed
I looked out the window and it was still dark
The stars in the sky lit up a big smile on my face
Bullying can’t have control over me

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