Facing the Past to Conquer the Future


Remember the days that we would go on living with no worry,

without feeling the weight of responsibilities bearing on us like tons of sleepless nights and 

and way too many stressful days.

Like bills to pay 

like work to do 

like feeling that the pressure of the world is all on you 

that's what I wanna get back to.

big smiles so bright you can feel the heat 

belly laughs till you weep

staying up all night, but knowing you can afford to sleep

far too ignorant to fear 

not knowing the answer to where you see yourself in five years 

like fun to have

like life to explore 

like knowing god has so much more in store.

So don't just remember those days,  that we would go on living with no worry, relive them. 






This poem is about: 
Our world


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