Faces Of Love


Love is beautiful.


in the way the moon illuminates the night.


and in the way breath fills the lungs.


Love is beautiful in the way warm sand kisses cold feet.


It is not condemning or judgmental,


But sings a song of hope for every broken heart.


Love is the cool rain washing away the drought,


and as beautiful as fingers intertwined in hair.


Or as warm lips on soft skin,


and sweet whispers into tired ears.


And love is ugly.


In the way darkness shrouds a path,


and in the way lungs gasp for air.


Love is as ugly as glass shattering over pale feet,


and spilling black paint on a blank canvas.


Love is the breaking of a dam,


and sings songs of betrayal.


Love is thunder in the way it looms in dark clouds.

Or sharp nails tearing into smooth skin.


And love whispers lies into innocent ears


while pretending to be beautiful.



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