Face Of Addiction

I'm trapped inside this life I built,

The only emotion I wear on my face these days,

Is the burden of guilt, 

Too high to feel pain,

Too blind to see my way,

Too empty to recieve gain,

And too involved to stay,

As I ask myself where these days have gone,

The answer is the addiction I've had all along, 

Never wanting to admit, 

The thing that brought all my tears,

Is the one thing I never tried to quit,

It took me by surprise, 

From every once and a while,

To all the time,

I don't know what is worse, 

Not seeing I have a problem, 

Or trying to accept the curse,

As I looked in the mirror today,

I realize,

The person I once was has lost her way, 

I know my destination in life,

And where I want to be, 

It just seems all the doors I had once opened, 

Now need a key


                                                  -Alicia M. Dillon

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