Mon, 02/03/2014 - 14:33 -- Aerial



Cocoa Krispies on Sunday for brunch
lavender corpses lying hither-tither
cockatoo squawking across the hall
my dead dog lays dead
America is no more United...
then the gap in one of my boyfriends teeth
mofo who you trying to fool
that pother is a bother
take it to Nairobi where they don't care
infinite wisdom isn't
question destiny
I know that bitch is guilty like justice is blind
lame ducks do fly with splint wings and bills
crack quack heart attack
instant karma and lightning strikes
a hooker hooks a hook
and swipes his visa twice for good measure
it looks contagious but its not
spaghetti sticking to a wallflower
noodle-roni a San Franciscan treat
in or out the box
I pouted about it until morning came
and then I came with it
sun glowing keep smoking the buzz was nice
and fuzzier than my slippers or TV screen
what in the hell did Marlo do with Phil

October 10th 2013


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