F1R3 Is Good

It’s my burning passion an’ heart’s desire

For you to fall in love with fire.

I don’t expect you to understand;

You’ve known only ruin from fire’s hand.

You set its absence responsible for your frostbitten feet,

Seen the ashes and carnage from its wild blaze of heat.

Its why you’ve shut down your heart and ruled it insane,

Because all you have fathomed from fire is pain.


But I have knelt by the fire’s light

When it warmed me from the bitter night,

And I’ve, by the forge, with fire imbued

Strength to what’s old, its power renewed.

It guided me through the onyx wood

As it always promised it could.

Yes I’ve seen destruction that follows the flame,

Yet I’ve seen oaks rise from the saplings it maimed.


I don’t know every reason it acts a certain way,

But I learn and see more what purpose holds sway.

Like I used to hate its demand to be fed;

Now I get it can’t heat me if I’ve moved on ahead.

And how the numbness I filled with any heat source

Is meant to drive me to fire with force.

Why do we think to be fire is to live

When we’re only to carry the fire we give?


Oh, I wish you were released from the bondage of your pains…

How I wish you knew the fire that would break apart your chains!


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