Eyes Through Hate are Blinded

Makes my heart cry aloud

Softly at first then louder

Whenever I picture those clouds

Steel buildings, dust and powder

Sadness then anger as slowly I remember

That heart wrenching day back in September


The shock numbed our many senses

Plane bombs of life and people

Crashed through unprepared defenses

Death, destruction, hatred and evil

One tower then the other fell

Into ashes of carnage and hell


From ashes of madness and hate

Came a resolve and determination

One of the few things without debate

A harsher world for the next generation

When are we going to learn

How will our children ever discern


American haters wink and nod their head

Pointing to our American cultured system

Terrorism they excuse and instead

Blame the defenseless victims

And once again I’m reminded

That eyes through hate are blinded


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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