Eyes once open, Now closed

Eyes once open now closed
Lips once the color of a rose.
Resting in a bed of silk
No more feeling any guilt.
Skin of porcelain
Eyes like glass
No sound other then the wind
Whispering through the grass.
The secrets of the past
He may not have been her first
But she made him the last.
They found her in the pink water
With an empty bottle in her hand.
She wanted the pain to be over
A bunch of blue pills no where to be discovered.
It wasn't fast enough
So she chose to speed it up.
One cut was all she needed
And before she knew it, she receeded.
Friends and family full of sorrow and grief
But that only lasted but a week.
Their lives still moved on
Even after she was gone.
No one knows why
She decided to die.
Except for the guy
That made that poor girl cry...



this is

oh my

this is so beautiful i 

i cant

oh my goodness its truely amazing go you this this is art you little vangoh of words this is stunning i am stunned good job

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