In the eyes of a Minority

It's not that we hare white people.

We just want y'all to understand

How hard it is for us to live in a world that has always been against us

Just for breathing and living.

We just want equality, to be treated fairly,

and to be looked at, how y'all are looked at.

but instead we get looked at like we are nothing .

I've always been made fun of because of the color of my skin ,

because it isn't white , but who said white is right and black is wrong ?  Weren't we all created equal ? So why aren't we being treated equally ?  Why is it that we are held at lower standards  like we aren't capable of doing the same things White males/females are capable of doing ? Don't feel attacked because honestly what other race has hurt and put us through so much  just to get as much rights y'all get and we still aren't getting the rights we deserve . What other race left a scar in all of our hearts that we don't deserve to be treated like humans ? Who else are we supposed to blame for getting treated like people treat pennies ?  We serve a right to freedom of speech & we will continue to speak and explain how we feel until we get the treatment we deserve. 

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