With Eyes Closed

There is no condemnation here, 

no eyes to stare you down. 

The lies inside your head, 

all hushed and ceasing now. 

The mode at which you are in, 

can never be explained, 

but only by His mighty hand,

you lose into this frame. 

A picture perfect feeling, 

not even a memory,

both these things deceiving,

but yet both these things amazing.

It is the battle of good and evil, 

between flesh and blood, 

the bones clothed in a thin layer of flesh, 

but underneath it all,

is the flowing covenant of redness abound. 

The flesh is just a covering,

for what is truly underneath.

the human soul that is fluttering, 

like a butterfly going East.




it does not matter where. 

He's thrown these things into the depths if the ocean,

for His son to bear. 




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